Chiang Mai Lantern Festival Elephant Sanctuary Beautiful Destinations Luxury Collection

Chiang Mai Lantern Festival Elephant Sanctuary Beautiful Destinations Luxury Collection

Guys what a happy day we arrived in Chiang Mai a second time. And it’s three months for me. I had my khao SOI which is my favourite the curry soup just native to Chen life. And now one of the chickens bucket list for a lot of people also for me the lantern festival that happens in Chiang Mai over two weekends. And late October. And early November. So happy to be here let me just say how it will pronounce it Zhi ping lon International lantern festival this is what that ticket looks like we are ready to experience this beautiful moments it’s almost like the balloons from kapadokya oh oh oh here we are showing up let’s go awesome yes. I want to talk about how you plan your shot running gun for you guys they are the basis of our show we’ve got your office light as a lake just there. And reflection it’s gonna be ridiculous wide shot that’s gonna be really really cool. And then in here actually gonna shoot some shots this one we’re gonna shoot that. And we’re gonna shoot it just here we’re getting all the land surrounding the wind. And which way the lanterns will go. And like which lens to use exactly planning everything everything from the very spot like where they all like we’ll set up two point number two when they will move after to take this photo. So for me it’s actually super interesting to watch like professional photographers making sure they get the right footage minutes before all the already behind why it is a very medical experience it’s very calming it’s very.

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I don’t know. I kind of in this zone it’s very interesting eight minutes left before the Landers release people ready starting to light up little poles in the year. And getting their lanterns ready it looks freakin amazing. I mean it’s such a good like good live. And good energy in this place it just feels. So nice. So calming it’s like we like if you ever meditate it mostly split besides as well but it you know what. I mean will feel beautiful last but not least we’re releasing this little move put at Shell candle Hopa into the water over here with a little intention the whole idea is about this whole experience it’s about letting go something that doesn’t serve us very well or meditation. And the intention that we having our life that we wanna been up there to the University to women. So we are magical romantic magical experience ever all right these are real friends making fun of your husband this morning they were filming laughing at me that’s. So funny it looks like Oh bundled up definitely not a fashion day for me right now we just got it we had to get up at in the morning. And that’s around five o’clock we drove here for minutes from chiang mai center to the top of the mountain which is cold but the name of the mountain died said him die suit a mountain we’re on the top of the mountain over here to watch sunrise. And have some breakfast which sounds like a dream our breakfast set up its unfreaking believable because, I’m just looking at right now as you can look we the table is set up behind me it looks stunning but wait until you see wait until you see this view Wow Sun is coming out wait what’s going on Mike what are you doing with those temples you want to explain what some products in the world see this is a rapper Waka jet lag. And before you this is not a sponsored post this is not a sponsored post hashtag not sponsored. I just like straight from the heart breakfast time YUM we have some eggs with mushroom it’s a beautiful question for juice addicted look at this view stunning sunrise it’s full of photos of course. I could never have okay anyways you’re just now you just sit down for breakfast over there say chose the food scrambled eggs what else do you have to come there scrambled eggs YUM Oh what is that ring mister mister Mike what is it butterfly please show it to me can. I see super cute that’s a fine drink to start your breakfast with why not awesome looks delicious beautiful breakfast, I’m here with jr. everyone got us little help from home the hotel car. And we’re heading to give offerings to the monks.

So what do we have to have some snacks in town like a water some drops some put some tea some ginger. And in there while it is perfect yes we’re bringing you we’re coming into the temple get no shoes. And now we’re heading up for the offerings for the monks I. And last, I’m gonna do that temple is to hang these bells. I don’t know if you saw they’re gonna go. I thought it’s a name tag but it’s actually a bell that you hang anywhere here. And make a wish hope that will happen. So I just have to find an empty hook hang my little bell somewhere. And now that. I put my build up. And I have a little prayer. So we’re gonna walk around to pay respect to pagoda. And I have this little prayer to say. And I’ll be walking three times around this main temple clockwise. And I’m gonna professor bug butter me what’s the word. I mean it may not hundred written correctly the way. I explained yeah yeah it’s okay okay just like okay it’s a belief with different day of birth like Monday Tuesday Wednesday is according to the lunar calendar that you’re calling on different star. So you have different power. And this kind of merrymaking is also by you are who feel your power here support this power. And supporting you for something. And depending on what they were born you pay more or less. So you that’s like you pay more apparently. I don’t know to help the universe but you know what the Wednesday is a strongest one oh yeah. So it’s a good one. So I pay seventeen bats for you Sunday yeah it’s something good or bed yeah that’s funny. I love suddenly at Wednesday. So it’s believed that winter is the best days yes don’t get swine. And it’s like the days like people always be easy on a Wednesday. I think oh oh is that. So yeah. So we’re gonna put my donation over here. So I tap into that energy. And pray basically right now tapping on to that energy of Wednesday huh dropping Juanito at the same time but it’s happening on to the energy of Wednesday strong people no change nothing just oh hi big hi amazing right oh thank you sugar cane look at these babies hi Mimi look at you nice to meet you our elephants must be my favorite animals trucks. And elephants they’re just like. So royal. And I don’t know something peaceful about them that. I really really like no way hey hey again again okay oh my god oh my god you guys look up.

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