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Ambrose De vid. 4, 23 distinguishes a triple virtue of chastity: the first conjugal, the second widowed, the third virginal; to talk of and exhort to one of these does not exclude or imply inferiority in the others. Augustine presents models of these different types of chastity: Joseph, Susanna and Mary Serm. ed. Mai 136,2; and Jerome offers Paula as a model in his own time of married and widowed chastity Ep. 108,15. Chesapeake Map Chastity is remaining in Jesus Christ in the flesh and in the spirit Ign., Ad Eph. 10,3; it must be guarded, leaving no room for evil desires Hermas, Mand. 4,1,1; it makes us neighbors of God Orig., Hom. in Levit. 11,1; John Moschus, Prat. 152. It requires a will that strives and obtains from God the gift of chastity through a seriously dedicated life Jerome, In Mt. 3,19,11, in a struggle with the devil and the passions to conquer the person’s very nature John Clim., Scal. par. 15. The warning not to make chastity an occasion for pride pervades all the writings of the Fathers over the centuries from 1 Clem. 38, 2 to Jerome, Ep. 22, 3 and Aug., Virgin. 37, 38.

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