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Chennai Map on As in the case of Britain’s Gin Act of 1736, officials learned that it was impossible to fully enforce laws that went against the will of the common people. Another side effect of Prohibition in the United States was the emergence of organized crime. GANGSTERS such as Al Capone took advantage of the market created by Prohibition to make vast fortunes. Many gangsters cornered the market on bootlegged liquor and the facilities that served it before branching out into prostitution, drugs, and racketeering. Finally, by the late 1920s most citizens of the United States realized Prohibition was not working and, in fact, was probably causing more harm than good. Many other countries that had laws restricting liquor production had lessened the restrictions and repealed some of their laws. In the early years of the Great DEPRESSION, an economic, rather than moral argument was brought to bear: It was argued that Prohibition limited the number of jobs to be had, and decreased the amount of revenue the government and individuals could be collecting. Chennai Map 2016.

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