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Chengdu Map on And on June 11, 1963, on national television, he declared the segregation of the University of Alabama to be moral issue. His concerns for civil and human rights also extended beyond domestic borders. In 1961, he created the Peace Corps, a program that sent skilled and idealistic Americans into third-world countries to develop their public health and agricultural procedures. Consistent with his capitalist imperatives, Kennedy introduced economic programs that helped launch the United States into its longest period of sustained growth since World War II. He expanded Social Security coverage and benefits, raised the minimum wage, furthered public HOUSING initiatives, increased measures to clear the slums, and lowered tariff barriers. Kennedy’s 1961 Area Redevelopment Act directly benefited economically depressed areas and the 1962 Manpower Development and Training Act retrained destitute farmers and unemployed workers. Despite these legislative successes, Kennedy faced serious opposition from the conservative coalition in Congress on issues relating to tax reduction, federal aid to education, medical care to the elderly, and civil rights. Chengdu Map 2016.

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