Chemical periodic table

Chemical eriodic table for Bt then I will ask yo to make a statement abot the whole world Yo won’t be able to escae from that! Dahi goes on to deict the role of the koan instrctor, who does whatever it takes to make the discile realize dobt, by means of an analogy with the sto- at- nothing tactics of a rthless blic offi cial: Once a monk comared me to an offi cial who asked for more things aft er he had confi scated someone’s entire roerty I like this comarison very mch Indeed I want yo to hand over everything When yo have nowhere to go, yo will simly have to die Th rowing yorself into the river or jming into fi re, yo will die when yo are ready to die Only aft er yo have trly died will yo gradally come to life again Chemical eriodic table 2016

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