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Cheapest vacations for Therefore the unique nature of a cometary apparition fits well with the unique nature of the Star of Bethlehem. Eighth, the fact that comets in the ancient world were often interpreted to augur regime change and regarded as threatening to the ruling establishment may help elucidate the negative responses of Herod the Great and the people of Jerusalem to the report of the Magi regarding the Star Matt. Comets were often interpreted by the ruling elite as distinctly bad news, portending the death of a ruler. The death of the Emperor Claudius was presaged by a comet. As we have seen, when a comet appeared during Nero’s reign, he was so fearful that it was an omen of his death that he consulted his astrologer Balbillus, who recommended that he execute prominent subjects to redirect the wrath of the gods. Nero then embarked on a brutal massacre of the nobility that ironically ended up bringing about his own deposition. Moreover, according to Cassius Dio, the Emperor Vitellius’s death was announced by a number of different celestial phenomena, including a comet star. Cheapest vacations 2016.

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