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Cheapest places to travel for The Chinese Comet of BC Theory Evaluated In an excellent contribution to the Star of Bethlehem debate, Professor Sir Colin Humphreys has offered an alternative cometary theory. He points out that, according to the Chinese astronomical records, there was a hui-hsing in the constellation Capricornus that remained visible for just over days, beginning in March/April of the year BC. The record is as follows Second year of the Ch’ien-p’ing reign period of Emperor Ai of the Han dynasty, second month [March ?April , BC , a hui-hsing appeared at Ch’ien-niu for over days. On the understanding that the hui-hsing refers to a broom star comet as noted in chapter , Humphreys suggests that this comet, which falls within the plausible time frame for the birth of Jesus and was present long enough to permit the Magi to travel to Judea, played the part of the Star of Bethlehem. Sir Colin takes the view that what brought the Magi west was the combination of the hui-hsing in BC, the planetary massing in BC, and the triple conjunction of BC. He suggests that the triple conjunction and planetary massing convinced the Magi that the birth of the mighty messianic King of Israel would take place in the near future. The scene was set their expectations were aroused for a third sign which would indicate that the birth of the king was imminent. Cheapest places to travel 2016.

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