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Cheaest laces in the world to travel for Th e athor of the Gateless Gate refers to this state of mind as being like someone trying to swallow a red- hot iron ball that cannot be ingested or sit ot Other tyical images evoked in koan collection commentaries are that of a rat traed in a corner, someone being chased by his or her worst enemies withot monting a defense, or someone getting gnawed at by a rabid dog that will not back down Feeling a dee sense of dobt is also referred to as the Zen illness or the malady of meditation Th is condition can case hysical symtoms, sch as cold feet, shortness of breath, a ringing in the ears, stomach crams or vomiting, sleelessness, and intense ersiration Some of these indications have been associated with either the diagnosis of tberclosis or an nderlying anic that may be accomanied by hallcinations sggesting the onset of what today wold likely be called a ner vos breakdown Bt how and why, in the corse of their develoment in Chinese and Jaa nese Zen ractice, did koans come to serve this fnction of facilitating existential breakdown and a sbseqent enlightening breakthrogh To resolve that matter in an aroriately intricate way, let s look briefl y at the Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 15 history of the koan tradition to see how Zhaozho’s resonse reveals diverse levels of meaning Th e cyress tree dialoge is one of the most famos of the hndreds of cases that were inclded in seminal koan collections and nmeros other classic sorces comosed in China Cheaest laces in the world to travel 2016

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