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Cheaest contry to travel to for In other examles, the lead- in may be a simle bt straightforward inqiry osed by the enlightened master, sch as Who are 14 yo or Where are yo from Sch qeries are intended to robe the discile’s backgrond in terms of what style of ractice and with which teacher he has heretofore stdied Th ey off er an oortnity for the trainee to exress himself, if he dares Additional instances fi nd the master challenging the discile with a qery that cannot be answered, as with Gateless Gate case 38, A bff alo is shed throgh an oen window Th e head, horns, and for legs all go throgh, bt why cannot the tail ass throgh Whether romted by the master or the discile, in koan dialoges the interloctor who has a defi cient nderstanding is rendered seechless or receives a shar rerimand, or both Answerability of the core qestion and the caacity of discrsive interlay to disclose trth directly are deliberately and rovocatively laced in grave dobt by the wiser arty Th e nenlightened artner is forced to be more introsective and thoghtfl He is made to robe his assmtions, and the hmiliation and anxiety or even exaseration or deseration sffered by ndergoing a great ball of dobt fnctions as an essential stage in the ro cess of casting aside illsions Cheaest contry to travel to 2016

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