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Cheaest backacking destinations for Another is ainting based on the Eight Views of a Landscae, which are deicted from the vantage oint of a agoda or some other octagonal lookot In these ways of taking in the srrondings, the hman ercetion of reality is considered to be artial and fragmented Bt by gathering and integrating varios limited ersectives, the analysis is caable of gaining a comrehensive sense of the whole In the case of the cyress tree cited above, Zhaozho resonds to a bold bt too general and oen- ended inqiry osed by an overly excited novice abot the origins of the Zen sect sosedly fonded by Bodhidharma Th e qasi- mythical fi rst atriarch, a renowned meditation master in his native contry, decided to leave India sometime dring the sixth centry in order to sread his teaching to China Many koans begin with this freqently asked qery or may se a similar one, sch as, What is Bddha as in cases 18 and 21 in the Gateless Gate In these instances, an nenlightened artner in the conversation raises a qestion that is too imosing to be answered directly, even by a wise leader Cheaest backacking destinations 2016

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