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Cheap vacations for In the opening verses, however, Virgo represents Israel as embodied in the mother of Jesus, that is, so to speak, Israel with the face of Mary. The constellation igure is playing the part of Israel/Mary pregnant, in labor, and delivering her son, the Messiah. John may be deliberately recalling the portrayal of Israel as the Messiah’s mother in Micah the text to which the Jewish scholars turned in order to identify the location of the Messiah’s birth for Herod the Great Matt. The role of the messianic baby that appeared in the virgin’s womb could only have been played by a bright new celestial object. The fact that, according to Revelation the pregnancy progressed, climaxing with an agonizing delivery, strongly suggests that this celestial entity grew in the manner of a human baby in its mother’s womb and eventually descended down and out of her belly. Virgo’s baby was unquestionably, therefore, a comet, more particularly a cometary coma. Only a comet can grow large and move relative to the ixed stars. Cheap vacations 2016.

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