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Cheap vacations packages for But what? How did it spell out for the Magi that an important royal personage had been born, and persuade them to undertake their -mile pilgrimage to pay homage to him? This is an interesting question, the more so because the Christ Comet was no run-of-themill comet. The Magi’s early and long observation of the Star indicates that the object was exceptional in intrinsic brightness and size, since only bright and large comets are capable of becoming and remaining visible to the naked eye when they are so far away. Of all the comets that have been detected in the modern era, the only ones that would compare to the Christ Comet in these respects are Sarabat’s Comet of , Hale-Bopp, and perhaps the Great Comet of However, these comets did not venture close to the Sun or to Earth. Therefore, if the Christ Comet did indeed make a close pass by the Sun within Mercury’s orbit and also by Earth, it puts us in unfamiliar, indeed to some extent theoretical, territory. Thankfully, however, we are not completely in the dark. Based on what we know about the behavior of Hale-Bopp and that of smaller comets that have made close approaches to the Sun and Earth, we have a good idea as to what could have happened around the time of the Christ Comet’s perihelion. Almost certainly, it would have become as bright as the full Moon, its coma head would have become greatly enlarged, and its tail would have grown very long. Cheap vacations packages 2016.

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