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Cheap vacation for The constellation was associated with a number of different virgin goddesses in the centuries surrounding the birth of Jesus, including Ishtar/Asherah, Athena, Demeter, Atargatis, Tyche, Dike, Justa, Astraea, Juno, and Isis. As Dike, Justa, and Astraea, Virgo was presented as an innocent and pure virgin so exasperated with humanity that she left the earth for the starry heavens. Pseudo-Eratosthenes states that Hesiod identiied her as Dike, daughter of Zeus, who became so weary of human injustice in all its forms that she departed for the mountains and ultimately ascended into the heavens. Hyginus claims that the celestial virgin Astraea became the constellation Virgo. According to Apuleius, Psyche spoke of Juno as being worshiped as a virgin who travels through the sky on the back of Leo. However, Isis who called herself The Great Virgin in a hymn to Osiris was the predominant identity of Virgo in our period and it is as Isis that Virgo is portrayed on the Dendera Zodiac a famous, probably mid-irst-century BC, sky map carved on the ceiling of the Hathor temple at Dendera, Egypt. Strikingly, Virgo was widely regarded as a virgin and yet, paradoxically, often also as a mother. Cheap vacation 2016.

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