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Cheap vacation to hawaii on The classical economists who preceded him considered the cost of production as the main determinant of value, a view that led to obvious contradictions. Consider someone whose labor has clearly created nothing of value, a person digging a hole and then filling it in, for example. The classical view implies that the value of the hole is equal to the value of the labor used to create it. Menger resolved this apparent contradiction by explaining that the value of a good is not objective, but instead is subjective because it depends on the utility that human beings receive from it. Menger also recognized that the value of a good depended not on its overall utility, but on the utility of an extra, or marginal, unit of the good. That insight, that marginal utility determines value, allowed Menger to explain paradoxes of classical economics such as the fact that diamonds, which had virtually no productive uses at the time, were valuable, while water, which was extremely useful, was almost worthless. Menger noted that the difference in value between the two goods is due to the abundance of water and the scarcity of diamonds. Cheap vacation to hawaii 2016.

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