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Cheap vacation spots for Among astronomical phenomena, a cometary apparition is uniquely able to communicate such a complex set of ideas. Seventh, the Star was clearly unique. The Magi evidently developed an extraordinary emotional bond with the Star, convinced that it was communicating especially to them, personally charging them to go to Judea and worship the newborn Messiah, and even guiding them there. They had obviously not seen the Star before, nor observed a celestial performance quite like it. The sheer uniqueness of the Star of Bethlehem’s apparition is most naturally explained if it was a comet. Because comets are so diverse in size, intrinsic brightness, shape, color, chemical makeup, and behavior, and because they orbit the Sun at different speeds, angles, and distances from the solar disk and make their passes by the Sun at different times of the year, no two comets ever put on the same celestial show. Even individual periodic comets do not repeat the same display, since they are subject to gravitational and nongravitational forces that alter their orbit, and since their returns do not occur at the same precise time of the year as their previous visit. Cheap vacation spots 2016.

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