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Cheap vacation destinations for No Extant Record of a Matching Comet The irst objection was raised by R. T. France Comets have long been held to herald the arrival of important igures on the world stage, and a comet visible in the western sky might well explain the journey of the magi, but unfortunately astronomers have not been able to identify a comet which would have been visible at about the right historical date. Simo Parpola also argues against the comet view by stating that, aside from Halley’s Comet in BC, No other suitable observations of comets are known from this period. However, as we have already shown, we lack anything like a comprehensive set of comet records from the period. Accepting that per century on average there are something like comets, it is clear that the memory of over two-thirds of the comets from the period BC to AD has been lost to history. Moreover, the comets that we do know about were not recorded because they were astronomically impressive but because they occurred at auspicious moments and/or served to advance the agenda of a variety of ancient writers/historians. Cheap vacation destinations 2016.

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