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3 generations. Don’t inbreed unless both specimens are uniform in type, size, and general appearance, are good specimens in themselves and don’t have a single common outstanding major fault.

I don’t advise the amateur to practice inbreeding until he is fully aware of all the principles involved.

Line Breeding

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Changes the Baby Brings A great deal goes on during the early months. Parents are highly involved in the nurturing stage of parenthood, caring for the child, and accepting their new role as parents. They worry, Am I doing okay? Am I the kind of parent I want to be? Gradually, parents incorporate other parts of their lives work, extended family, friends into their caretaking activities. Parents may find it difficult, however, to give each other the support that is so crucial in coping during this period. New mothers and fathers had similar complaints: tiredness and exhaustion; loss of sleep, especially in the first two months; needing to adjust to new responsibilities; feeling inadequate as a parent; difficulty in keeping up with the amount of work for baby and home; feeling tied down, and worries regarding finances.

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