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Cheap vacation deals for But how bright, how large, and how long? We shall seek to shed some important light on these issues in this and subsequent chapters. One important clue as to the form of the Christ Comet can be detected in what the Magi say to the people of Jerusalem, as reported in Matthew we saw his star at its rising. We have already observed that the Magi here are probably alluding to Balaam’s oracle concerning the cometary scepter-star that would rise Num. , implicitly claiming that they have witnessed a literal fulillment of this prophecy. The most natural conclusion to draw from this is that around the time of its heliacal rising the comet as a whole looked like a scepter, that is, a long straight rod see ig. This would have been a magniicent and memorable phenomenon. In recent centuries only a select number of comets most notably, the great comets of and have around the time of their heliacal rising had a length and general shape that would permit them to pass for a scepter. Cheap vacation deals 2016.

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