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Cheap trips for His Virgo, and that of the Egyptians, is oriented parallel to the ecliptic and seems closest to that of Hyginus and Pseudo-Eratosthenes, except that Virgo is imagined as sitting on a throne, presumably with her legs and feet parallel. F IG Isis with Horus, her child. From the Late Egyptian period th?th century BC. Image credit and copyright The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Strikingly, a Jewish zodiac wheel from the sixth century AD, discovered at the Beth Alpha synagogue, portrayed Virgo as seated on a throne dressed in a long gown that reached down to her ankles, and wearing royal red shoes. Likewise Antiochus of Athens from the irst or, more likely, second century AD envisioned Virgo as a woman holding a child, and hence probably as seated. So, it would seem, there were at least four portrayals of Virgo in the centuries around the birth of Jesus three envisioned her standing and one imagined her sitting. Cheap trips 2016.

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