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Cheap travel destinations for Cassius Dio also records that Vespasian’s death in AD was presaged by the comet star which was seen for a considerable period and which Vespasian tried to play down by insisting that the comet’s long hair meant that it was an omen not for him, since he was bald, but rather for the longhaired Parthian king. In the case of the Magi’s Star, however, the threat to Herod was based not simply on the fact that a comet had appeared but on the fact that the comet clearly represented the Messiah and indicated that he had now been born. The negative response of the people of Jerusalem may possibly also have been partly due to a conviction that comets were often portents of disaster and partly due to their belief that this particular comet was announcing ultimate regime change the end of Herod’s dynasty and even the end of the Roman empire as the Messiah overthrew his enemies and established his kingdom on the earth. Ninth, we know that the Babylonians were very interested in comets. They made records of them in their astronomical diaries. In these records they were particularly concerned to note the time and details of a comet’s irst appearance and key moments of the apparition such as its heliacal setting and rising. As Stephenson writes, Even the existing descriptions [of comets by the Babylonians are fragmentary, but they still enable us to infer the characteristic features of a typical Babylonian cometary account. Cheap travel destinations 2016.

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