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Cheap summer vacations for It is therefore not at all certain that the hui-hsing in BC moved beyond the constellation of Capricornus during the + days of its apparition. Relative celestial stability would be unusual for a broom star cometary apparition, but it is possible when a formerly dormant comet experiences a major outburst due to a fragmentation or splitting event a few weeks after perihelion, when a tail is capable of becoming visible from Earth and its movement within the starry sky might be constrained to one small region of the sky. Had such an outburst happened farther away, it probably would have been described as a po, the Chinese term for a tailless comet a bushy star comet. When Comet Holmes, located far from Earth and the Sun, had its magniicent outburst fig, it remained visible to the naked eye for more than months. Of course, if the BC comet did not move from Capricornus and hence the morning sky, that would disqualify it from being the Bethlehem Star. After all, the Star of Bethlehem clearly migrated across a broad swath of the starry heavens from the eastern morning sky to the southern evening sky in the space of only a few months. A comet conined to Capricornus would not have been able to guide the Magi from Jerusalem to Bethlehem or to stand over a particular house in Bethlehem. Cheap summer vacations 2016.

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