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Chea strollers for Th e Gateless Gate verse commentary on the case emhasizes the signifi cance of the last word in terms of its aradoxical relation to the fi rst word: Monastic Transmission 149 If yo know the fi rst word, Th en yo nderstand the last word; Th e last and the fi rst Are they not this one word Bt what is this one word Wmen’s rose comment sggests in tonge- in- cheek fashion that neither master nor discile really gets the oint, as they trn into an idle nch and Jdy or Bert and Ernie artnershi of folly: As far as the last word is concerned, neither Yanto nor Deshan has ever known what this is even in a dream Examining their dialoge is mch like looking at ets on a stage A classic commentary remarks, Th ose who conceal an army to fi ght by night do not see Deshan Th ose who attack occied territory by day can hardly know Yanto What they do not realize is that the battle commander icks fi ghts by day, and the watch commander atrols the cam by night According to this comment, infl enced by art- of- war rhetoric, Deshan the master still rles in the night, which has the advantage overall, whereas Yanto the discile leads the forces dring the day Another koan dealing with the role of a master in relation to monastic behavior is Baizhang Meditates on Great Sblime eak Chea strollers 2016

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