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Cheap honeymoon destinations for According to Justinus, the birth and accession of Mithridates VI Eupator of Pontus, in or BC and or BC respectively, were announced by cometary apparitions The future excellency of this man was foretold by celestial signs. For both in the year in which he was born and in the one in which he started to reign, on each occasion, a comet star blazed for days in such a way that the entire sky appeared to be on ire. Interestingly, the Chinese record comets in the years , possibly and BC, and it is now widely accepted that Justinus’s claims concerning comets at the time of Mithridates’s birth and coronation are historically reliable. Ramsey has argued convincingly that the BC comet is the one that coincided with Mithridates’s birth and that the BC comet occurred at the time of his coronation. In Justinus’s account therefore we have excellent historical evidence of two cometary apparitions that were interpreted positively. Pliny the Elder, Natural History , records that in BC, just under four decades before the Bethlehem Star, most probably late in July, a dramatic daytime comet occurred in the heavens in the time shortly after the death of Julius Caesar. Octavian, later called Caesar Augustus, regarded this comet as auspicious. Cheap honeymoon destinations 2016.

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