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Cheap florida vacations for In other words, what we read in these verses is an account of the marvel that coincided with the Messiah’s birth and that prompted the Magi to travel to Judea to worship the newborn King of the Jews. This astronomical marvel establishes the narrative framework for the whole chapter of which it is a part. Accordingly, what we ind in these verses is the key to unlocking the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem. The Celestial Woman Virgo The Greek word translated sign semeion in verse may also mean constellation, as a number of scholars have pointed out. In this context a double meaning seems very likely the sign is an empirical phenomenon disclosing some theological truth and it also concerns a stellar constellation. It seems clear who the heavenly woman crowned with twelve stars is. Since the Sun and Moon traverse the heavens along the ecliptic, the fact that they are here respectively described as clothing the woman and as being under her feet makes it clear that the female is positioned along the ecliptic and is therefore one of the zodiacal constellation igures. Cheap florida vacations 2016.

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