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Chea china tors for Hongren relied, I have natre, bt it is not a common name Th e master said, What name is it and Hongren answered, It is the natre of being Bddha Daoxin relied, So yo have no name and Hongren said, None, becase Bddha- natre is emty As in Bodhidharma’s exchange with the monarch, throgh this dialoge with the forth atriarch, Hongren stressed that the meaning of emtiness sersedes yet gives meaning to everyday concerns Daoxin then assed on the lineage to Hongren, inclding the robe, which was symbolic of transmission Another literary element that develoed dring this hase’s contribtion to the koan tradition was the inclsion in Northern school writings of conversion stories In these narratives, which are reminiscent of early Bddhist Jataka morality tales abot the revios lifetimes of the Bddha, Zen teachers reached the dharma to magical animals or natre sirits Chea china tors 2016

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