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Cheap all inclusive vacations for At a very general level, one may distinguish between exhaustible (or depletable) and renewable resources, the first category being a fund variable based on a given stock (such as minerals or fossil fuels) and the second category being a flow variable (such as sunlight, wind, or surface water). This categorization is related to the distinction between inanimate and biological resources. The latter (for example, crops, forests, and animal populations) use other renewable animate or inanimate resources (such as soil nutrients and solar energy) for their reproduction. This classification applies also to the social world, where knowledge resources such as innovative ideas or human resources are renewable (though in the short-run they may appear to be in limited supply) while certain raw materials such as gold or bauxite are exhaustible. A further distinction exists between exclusive and non-exclusive resources (i.e., depending on whether or not consumers can be excluded from their consumption or use) and between resources for which rivalry or non-rivalry in consumption holds (i. Cheap all inclusive vacations 2016.

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