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MEDICAL FACILITIES Your hotel will direct you to the nearest private physician. If you become ill or meet with an accident in Britain, you may obtain medical care, free of charge if necessary, under the National Health Scheme.

MOTION PICTURES Known here as ‚“the pictures‚ or the cinema, motion picture theaters usually open at noon. There are a England, Wales and Northern Ireland great many of them in London showing the best of American films and other foreign films as well as’all kinds of British movies.

MUSIC: Classic opera at Covent Garden. The English were the first to try operas sung in English on a large scale. The reception has been most enthusiastic. Modern opera, especially that of Benjamin Britten, is an integral part of the Covent Garden repertoire. The performances of the London Philharmonic conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham are among the highlights of the symphony season. There are also many chamber-music groups and visiting artists from the Continent. There are concerts at the Royal Festival Hall and Royal Albert Hall, opera and ballet at Sadler‚„s Wells Theater.

NIGHT CLUBS: The British phenomenon, the pub, can mean a wide variety of establishments from the ultra-swank West End bars, whose snack bars serve some of the best food in London, to the smoky little neighborhood pubs, with their inevitable game of darts, that are the working-class Englishman‚„s club.

The gay night life of London centers in such places as the New Churchills Club in Bond Street. The younger set likes to relax here. Admission is $2.80 per person and breakfast is on the house at 4 a.m. Dinner and wine costs approximately $10.00 per person and whisky is approximately $12.00 a bottle. The Cafe de Paris is one of the plushiest night spots in town. Also very gala and less expensive is the Embassy. There are floor shows and dancing at all these places. Other clubs include the River Club on the Embankment, the Empress Club in Berkeley Street, Siegi‚„s in Charles Street, Berkeley Square, Les Ambassadeurs and Milroy. Membership, where necessary, can be arranged by a telephone call to the manager. Membership fees are nominal.

The following restaurants also have dance orchestras and entertainment: quite moderate in price are the Astor, Pigalle Restaurant and the Coconut Grove. More expensive but very good is Quaglino‚„s in Bury Street. London clubs change name quite frequently, so check at your hotel before you set out for an evening.

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