Chandelier for Man and nature are seen as polarized entities in confl ict with each other, and this impasse results in abuses of the environment, ultimately causing the threat of extinction of the human race by its own (un)doing. Th erefore, modern science needs to be transformed by appropriating the signifi cance of the notion of the participatory universe from a Zen perspective through remedial actions carried out eff ectively in addition to expressions on a theoretical level. Nishitani examines several noted Zen koan cases concerning the mythical eschatology of the great fi re, a theme that harks back to Whither Koans, or Wither? 185 sermons of the Buddha that were in turn infl uenced by the Indian cyclical view of creation- destruction- regeneration. Th is legend can be seen as symbolically analogous to the imminent possibility of the cosmic confl agration that science and technology can wreak. According to Blue Cliff Record case 29, Dasui and the Kalpa Fire,’ A monk asked master Dasui, When the great confl agration at the end of the eon is infl amed and the whole universe will be destroyed, I wonder if it will also be destroyed or not.’ Dasui said, It will be destroyed.’ Th e monk said, If so, will it be gone with the rest?’ Dasui said, It will be gone with the rest. Chandelier 2016.

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