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Certificate temlate for Also, when asked by a monk, What is my Bddha- natre a master from that era relied, Go away! Go away! Yo do not have Bddha- natre Th is sggests that while hmans may be serior to other beings, if they trmet this egoistically, their sense of tre awareness is lost Th e Chinese character for No, which sggests that the qestion is absrd, can also imly metahysical emtiness or nothingness, and it was sed this way in many Bddhist and Daoist hilosohical writings In that sense, No aradoxically means, Yes, since all sentient and insentient beings artake of the niversal sirital reality Th e imortance of contemlating the term is refl ected in Wmen’s rose comments: In order to master Zen, yo mst ass the barrier of the atriarchs To attain this sbtle realization, yo mst comletely ct off the ordinary way of thinking Certificate temlate 2016

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