erkezky for Indeed, a good portion of political power is devoted to the effort to ensure that other forms of power, such as that exercised by religious leaders, do not exceed the appropriate boundaries of private life. Only power can limit power, and political power is constantly involved in determining and reestablishing the appropriate limits of nonpolitical forms of power. Nonpolitical power, in turn, is constantly testing these limits and frequently transgressing them. This means that almost any intentional exercise of influence can be considered political (to some degree) whenever it establishes, affirms, tests, or transgresses the boundaries of public life. In the end, the difference between power that is political and power that is not political is less a difference in kind than a difference in degree. Even such private affairs as parent-child relationships are marginally political. They are political, first, because the privacy of the relationship itself is politically maintained. erkezky 2016.

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