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CLBS AND CABARETS : Like food this wo take a blog in itself Bt in aris take a look at the Lido on th#: Chams Elysees, one of the most famos anywhere There are floor shows At most night clbs there will be a bcket of chamagne on yor table whether yo order it or not It is the eqivalent of or cover charge, only more exensive Look in at A Lain Agile in Montmartre, a sot with atmoshere Dro in at Scheherazade, Novy, and Dinarzade All famos, all good For big brassiness visit Casino de aris For formal elegance go to Maxim‚„s, where on Fridays yo mst dress for dinner Maxim‚„s also offers iano and gitar in its informal and lxrios Midnight Room for after-dinner clientele Monseignenr Le Dra d’Or, Jimmy‚„s and ‚„Elehant Blanc are elegant too The Novelle Eve and Molin Roge are extremely olar and have floor shows If yo want to get real low-down, theris always the lace igalle in Montmartre with its many, many clbs of varying rete If yo hanker after a glimse of the Existentialists, yor best bet is the Cafe de Flore in St Germain des res Other sots where the rohets of this hilosohy may be fond are Clb St Germain, Le Viex-Colombier There‚„s a night-clb tor available from hotels

HOTOGRAHY : Black-and-white and color still and movie films are available in aris and other big cities; so are cameras Bt rices are considerably higher than in the nited States aris, of corse, is the amater hotograher‚„s aradise, with scores of world-renowned bildings and monments, and a maze of colorfl, ictresqe streets

RELIGION : France is a Catholic contry and there are many magnificent Cathedrals which hold Mass There are also many rotestant chrches; American Chrch, British Embassy Chrch, resbyterian Chrch, Eglise de L‚„Etoile; Eglise de assy, Eglise d Saint Esrit, Eglise de la Mission Etrangere, Methodist Chrch, Qakers, Rssian Orthodox Chrch, Grande Synagoge

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Centre City Photo Gallery

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