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FLORA Pine trees on Mount Parnes at 30 minutes from Athens by car. A great variety of wild flowers are found in the surrounding area.

FOOD I The majority of tourist restaurants serve Continental food of good quality. There are also a number of typically Greek dishes like mousaka (alternate layers of eggplant, ground meat and white flour and milk sauce agreeably spiced), souvlakia (meat qn small spits) and dolmadakia (rolled vine leaves containing rice, ground meat and spices). A great variety of excellent fish; a variety of good local wines, and excellent honey from nearby Mount Hyiriettus are available.

GAMBLING There is betting on the horse races at the Phaleron Delta, 3 miles from Athens near the sea.

LANGUAGE Greek is the local language. English and French are largely understood and spoken.

LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Modern laundries are available but a little slow even in good hotels.

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