Cekerek for Asians and whites are in the minority with about 1 percent of the population each. Zimbabwe’s official language, being a former colony of the British Empire, is English, although the languages of the Shona and Ndebele are spoken as well. Zimbabwe’s per capita life-expectancy rate is extremely low, at around 35 years, mainly due to the major prevalence of AIDS in Zimbabwean society. It was recorded in 1999 that 1.5 million people, or over 10 percent of the population, had been infected with the HIV virus, and that 160,000 people each year die from the deadly disease. Several nomadic groups are believed to be the first inhabitants of Zimbabwe, a people that would later become the Shona tribe. The Zimbabwean empire, which controlled most of southeastern Africa, experienced an era of prosperity until the 15th century, when the Shona tribes split off into self-governing states, eventually most of them banding together to form the Rozwi state. Cekerek 2016.

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