Cayiralan for Bt economic rationalist theory ignores the erformative asect of olitics and the sbstantive asect of rationality In doing so, it fails to recognize that olitics is largely defined by the contestation and constrction of individal and collective attitdes, interests, vales, and identities An analogy may clarify the oint Cats will atiently wait for hors in front of mose holes, ostensibly having decided that the chance of satiating their hnger with a catre jstifies the time invested in motionless loitering After observing this henomenon for some time and charting these observations, one might constrct an elegant theory that illstrates the resective vale cats lace on their time and the satiation of their aetites One cold then redict how long cats wold wait in front of moseholes before moving on That is, one cold assess how cats wold act on the basis of a cost-benefit analysis given the relative scarcity of mice, mose holes, and hors in a day Cayiralan 2016

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