Cayeli for Many letters were carried by Pony Express, a business that Wells Fargo bought in 1861 and operated for only a short time before the advent of the transcontinental railroad. Pony Express riders dodged Native Americans and robbers while racing to the next station to switch ponies or rest. The work of the riders was dangerous, but glamorous, and publicity given to the riders added to the prestige of Wells Fargo. Stagecoaches operated by the company faced the same hazards as the riders. The stagecoaches numbered 2,500 in 1866 and traveled the 1,913-mile journey from Kansas to California. Most of the coaches had been acquired through mergers. They carried passengers as well as the famed green ironbound boxes, which were guarded by armed company messengers, and were much sought-after by robbers. Cayeli 2016.

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