Cavan City

Cavan 2015

CUSTOMS REGULATIONS AND DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS : An American needs his passport, but no visa. You may bring in, duty free 1,000 cigarettes, 200 cigars or a total of lbs. of tobacco, Vz pint of perfume, $56 worth of gifts, only ‚£10, United Kingdom notes, but any amount of United States dollars and Irish currency. You may take no more money out than you bring in. There are no camera or film restrictions.

DRUG STORES : Same as at home, except no meals.

ELECTRIC CURRENT : 220 volts, 50 cycles, a.c. Voltage of 110 is also available at first-class hotels.

FAUNA : Thoroughbred race horses and stud horses and dogs are famous; also all types of sporting and domestic animals indigenous to Western European countries.

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