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Aft Cockpit Deck Saloon Deck Saloon Pilot House Deck Saloon Deck Saloon Deck Saloon Deck Saloon Aft Cockpit Deck Saloon Deck Saloon Pilot House Deck Saloon Pilot House Pilot House ESTABLISHED 1894. VOLUME 150, NUMBER 3078 EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES King’s Reach Tower, Stamford St, London


MAJORCA LOCATION :, Largest of the Balearic group of islands, Majorca lies 135 miles south of Barcelona in the Mediterranean. CHARACTERISTICS: Set in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, Majorca is a land of eternal spring where medieval architectural splendor rubs shoulders with the

Holiday in Basel City – Basel City Travel

Basel City 2015 Interlaken: Chief resort town of the Bernese Oberland, Interlaken is famed for its superb view of the Jungfrau. The fine Casino features performances of native Swiss folklore: dancing, yodeling, alphorn playing and flag throwing. Excellent connection to Jung-fraujoch (Europe’s highest railway

Isle of Man City

Isle of Man 2015 SPORTS: There is a great variety of interests for the sportsman in England. There are some of the world’s best golf links and courses. Near London is the famous Sunningdale course. Westward Ho! in Devon, Hoylake near Liverpool and the

Northern Ireland City

Northern Ireland 2015 TRANSPORTATION : London is a spread-out city. It will be worth your while to study the train and subway systems to various parts of it. They are good and not expensive. Taxis are available at all times and they are reasonable.

Saarland City

Saarland 2015 The Black Forest : From the middle Rhine the road leads south into the Black Forest. It is a charming, sunny cluster of secondary and high mountain ranges, named “black” because of the dark firs in the dense woods. Excellent roads traverse

Vorarlberg City

Vorarlberg 2015 Kitzbiihel is a typical Tyrolean village and famous international resort. Note the “onion” tower, typical of Byzantine influence and pensions abound. One of the best pensions is a castle where the paying guest may have every comfort. Some of the places of

Puglia City

Puglia 2015 ELECTRIC CURRENT: Italy is in the process of standardizing its current. Large areas already have 110-120 volts, a.c., others have 150-155 volts or some other current. However, American-made electric appliances are very popular in Italy, and everywhere one is able to purchase