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he approach to the abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore is through thick cypresses, with stunning views of eroded cliffs and sheer drops to the valley floor. It was founded in 1313 by the Olivetan order, who were dedicated to restoring the simplicity of Benedictine


Remains of an earlier Romanesque building were incorporated into the west facade. The entrance is through an attractive doorway (1550) by Cristofanello. Hr Museo Diocesano Piazza del Duomo 1 Q (0575) 628 30. Open Tue-Sun. Adm charge 0 Housed in the 16th-century church of


Plaque outside the Palazzo dei Priori Volterra Arco Etrusco © Duomo © Museo d’Arte Sacra © Museo Guarnacci © Piazza dei Priori © Pinacoteca e Museo Civico © Teatro Romano © hy Parking H Tourist information Northern Tuscany Lucca’s Piazza del Mercato, echoing the


Tourism Florence and Tuscany have long been popular destinations for tourists (see p53). Florence now receives some 5 million visitors each year. A scanned image lets restorers trace existing outlines and reconstruct damaged areas. Fashion Many Florentine designers have become household names. These include

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The depopulation of rural France has been a constant factor in national life in the last half-century. But some places have resisted, with the help of subsidies from Brussels and a younger generation determined to halt the decline. One such village is Calvinet, situated

Elysium Beach Resort in Cyprus

Opening at the end of May, the Elysium Beach Resort in Cyprus is the perfect escape yprus is a colourful island with an intriguing past, exotic nature, friendly people and sun-drenched coastline, Ancient Greek temples, Roman mosaics, I “ walled towns and tiny Byzantine