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The Rocca, or fortress, was built in 1353It now has only one surviving tower following its dismantling by Cosimo I de’ Medici in the 16th century. It encloses a public garden filled with fig and olive trees, and commands superb views over the vineyards

Florence at a Glance

Historic Florence is fairly compact and the sights described on the following pages are easily reached on foot or by bus. The sights are grouped within the four areas shown on the map below, each of which has its own section within this book.

Holiday in St Petersburg

Stalin era, while the seriously rich commission new Scandinavian-style houses in the outskirts. Yet the churches are open again, cleared of the junk of the Bolsheviks’ childishly spiteful Museums of Atheism. Again, under the captured banners of Napoleon’s regiments in the Kazan Cathedral, the

Travel in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s central mountainous region, known to locals as ‘Up Country’, finishes in great style at its southern edge. It drops 4,500ft to the plains and paddy fields in one swift, heart-stopping descent. From the main street in Haputale, a favourite haunt of the

Travel to Portugal

Besides the chance to gossip, what excited everyone most was the prospect of investigating the Portuguese way with fish. This is a huge part of the nation’s diet, and presents a mounting dilemma for chefs as demand increases and supply rapidly declines. I cannot

Travel To Tuscany

Purple prose Michelangelo’s father, so it’s said, considered artists such as his son to be little better than shoemakers. This is one of the many fascinating asides in the new Purple Guide to Tuscany and Assisi – the first in a new series aimed

Travel to Berlin

OUR SURVEY SAID… Last November, we asked you to complete our first reader survey, and we’re pleased to say we received more than 3,500 responses. One thing’s for certain – you lot do get about. You reported that, on average, you took 2.8 main

Scotland City

Scotland 2015 Other Cities: Two of the most interesting towns in all England for any tourist are York in the north, and Chester about 3 hours by train from London. Chester is a live, busy town, York a quiet cathedra] town; but for an

Cork City

Cork 2015 LANGUAGE : English is spoken all over Ireland and accepted as the language of the country. In some outlying rural and coastal areas, however, there are districts where the Irish language (Gaelic) is spoken. LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING : Laundry service is