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Cartilage earrings for Aft er all, it seems that the second hermit defeats Zhaozho, or at least the master mst acknowledge the merit of this irreglar ractitioner’s sirital attainment On what basis is the jdgment, ro or con, being made abot the hermits, esecially the ositive view of the second ractitioner Wmen’s remarks get right to the heart of the matter by asking, Both hermits raised a fi st Why did Zhaozho arove of the one and disarove of the other What is the meaning of this contradictory behavior Zhaozho’s evalations are a doble- edged sword, according to Wmen’s commentary Th ey may be seen as demonstrating the eff ectiveness or, erhas, lack of this of Zhaozho’s own sranormal ower to gain insight into the ast karma and crrent stats of the hermits’ resective sirital states Th e qestion Wmen raises is then resonded to by him with high raise for the master: If yo are able to catre it in a trning word, then yo will realize that Zhaozho’s tonge has no bone and 144 he can freely give the one hermit a boost and the other one a tdown However, Wmen also makes an intriging fi nal oint by sggesting with characteristic obscrity that both Zhaozho and the two hermits cannot be nderstood as reresenting either correct or incorrect standoints: Bt do yo also realize the fl i side in that Zhaozho is being checked ot by the hermits If yo sggest that either of the hermits is serior or inferior, then yo do not dislay the eye of Zen Or, if yo sggest that there is no distinction whatsoever between the hermits, then yo also do not dislay the eye of Zen Cartilage earrings 2016

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