I. History – II. Christian origins and antiquity – III. Christian topography – IV. Bishops – V. Councils. Carthage is situated at the end of an irregular peninsula, between the sea and two salt lakes. The city is centered on the hill of Byrsa 63 m, extending around it in a vast quadrilateral ca. 1200-1300 m in length, bounded by the Julian enclosure. In ca. 425 the city was enclosed by a semicircular wall whose exact course is unknown, on the side overlooking the sea on the NE and SW. I. History. Kart-hadschat, the new city of the Phoenicians, was founded in ca. 814 BC. Destroyed by Scipio Africanus in 146, rebuilt by Caesar and Augustus, taken by surprise by Genseric 19 October 439, reconquered by Belisarius in 534, it fell into the hands of Hassan Ibn an-Nu’man, who destroyed it in 698. A small Christian community under a bishop survived until the arrival of the Almohads 12th c.. The French king St. Louis camped outside the city from 7 July to 25 August 1270, the day of his death.

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