One of the 12 bishops present the 11th signatory at the 1st Council of Saragossa 380, held against the Priscillianists at the time of Pope Damasus; his see is unknown. No other Bishop Carterius is known after that council. He may be the Carterius mentioned by Jerome in 397 Ep. 69, ad Oceanum and by Braulio of Saragossa in 651 Ep. 44, ad Fructuosum. According to Madoz but not Gams Jerome and Braulio allude to the same person. According to Braulio, Carterius was from Gallaecia. He wrote a treatise lost against Helvidius and Jovinian. Gams, Die Kirchengeschichte von Spanien, II1, Regensburg 1864 Graz 1956, 471; J. Madoz, Epistolario de S. Braulio de Zaragoza, Madrid 1941, 205; J. Vives, Concilios visig³ticos e hispano-romanos, Barcelona – Madrid 1963, 16; L. Riesco Terrero, Epistolario de San Braulio: Anal. Univ. Hisp. 31, Seville 1975, 180, 182; M. Alamo, Carterius: DHGE 11, 1147; U. Dom­nguez del Val, Historia de la antigua literatura espa±ola, Madrid 1997, II, 25-26.

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