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Throughout Columbian cities there are independent houses of ill repute, with no signs on the front door. Utilize the cabbies for the info on the best places if you can’t find some gringos to join you. These are well known by all the cabbies. They tend to be less than classy, sometimes in scary parts of town. For safety, have the cabbie wait for you, and/or, have him come inside and buy him ONE beer. Don’t let him run up a tab. The casas are a little bit heavy on the currency… but it’s a nice change of pace.


Bosque Avenue, Del Nilo Dg 21 #48-04 Tel 662-0717 Great looking girls, can be little pricier than LDV.


Bosque Avenue. Buenos Aires # 53-74 Tel 662 2215 Manila House

Bosque Transv. 49 # 21B96 Tel 672-2794

International Bar Disco

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El Sena No. 20-100 Diagonal Antigua lesa. Tel 6622417 Open 24 hours

There’s always a new place…mix up your clubs from night to night, otherwise you’ll be returning to high drama as multiple girls lay claim to owning you. It’s a good feeling, but if you want variety, tour the town for a diverse mixture of girls.

Vacation Stuff :

Tell the old lady you got bored and are popping on down to pick up a couple Kilos of gold for the Christmas holidays.

Rosario Islands

As previously mentioned, the sand and water ashore leave a lot to be desired. Just 20 miles southwest of Cartagena, lies the idyllic coralline archipelago of Islas de Rosario. Travel here is arranged at your hotel or through a travel agent, departure is from the Cartagena Harbor. There is a great day event arranged from the Cartagena Harbor out to the azure blue Caribbean waters. This is a great little day trip to do with a chica or two, out to the azure blue Caribbean waters. The Islas del Rosario is a 30-island archipelago, home to a nationally protected park, and what is touted as the Caribbean Basin’s most beautiful aquarium, Acuario San Martin. The aquarium has a show that features trained dolphins performing tricks, sharks, sea turtles, and stingrays. They have a skit where a shark hops out of the water onto a platform begging to be fed. Be a good sport and throw him your empty Budweiser and some used condoms. You can also make arrangements to swim in the holding tanks with the dolphins.

Interspersed amongst reefs surrounding the anchorage are little islands and islets, each supporting private homes, ranging from small, brightly colored, thatched-roofed huts to impressive weekend villas. Overnight accommodations are available. Excellent spots to snorkel and swim in the crystal clear waters, or have an afternoon meal. There are hidden spots to play doctor with your date, and the total cost of the event is just $25 each for the tour…or $60 per boat. A good diversion, do this.

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