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Restaurante Riquisimo

This is a great outdoor cafe restaurant near the Las Velas hotel, serving fantastic steak, chicken as well as beans and rice for under $10. You’ll keep on returning, nice view, with fresh food arriving daily. Bring a girl here and she’ll think you’re a millionaire.

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Tipping :

Taxi drivers expect 10 per cent tips. Porters at airports and hotels are usually given 500 pesos per item. Restaurants and bars usually add a 10 per cent service charge to the bill or suggest a 10 per cent tip. Maids and clerks in hotels are also tipped.

Crime :

The facts are important to remember; Columbia maintains the second highest murder rate in Latin America, it is the home to one of the most powerful drug trafficking rings and remains rife with narcotics-related violence. It is also in a region where guerrilla and right-wing paramilitary forces have become increasingly active in recent years. Security forces are a common everyday sight. Police and security are ever present. Armed security guards are at offices, malls, restaurants, and the streets. Do not be put off by this, it’s a natural occurrence. Worst scenario is your cab is pulled over and armed police with machine guns searching the car for drugs. Ironically, people in Columbia think of America as the most violent place in the world. Just stay in the city and you’re fine, venture out in the countryside and you may not return. As a whole, Cartagena is not the violent image you hear when people think of Columbia.

It’s safe to walk in the day, take taxis at night. One warning, be very careful not to hit on some drug lord’s girl, ask her if she has a

boyfriend if you’re nervous. Also, never take open drinks from strangers. In Columbia they have some mind eraser drug, as in a total eraser drug they put in your drink where you’ll forget everything. Also, only use the yellow marked taxis.

Money Matters :

Currency: Peso ($), around 2800 to the dollar. ATM’s often give better exchange rate than the banks, but there’s a daily limit.

For today’s exchange price, go here: ( )

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