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The Game Plan :

What makes Cartagena unique as a sex tourist location is that it’s virtually undiscovered. The ambiance can be best described as a combination of small scale Rio de Janiero and Havana. The city itself is stunning, with gorgeous pastel buildings full of history, and a party all night atmosphere full of Columbian hotties (Calenas). This is not a highly traveled tourist trap, and with less sugar daddy’s to be had, the ladies will latch onto you tight and try hard to be your girlfriend for your whole trip. The exact opposite of the typical saturated pro situation, where there are so many dudes the girls will want to dump you after an hour or two and race back for more. The city may be the easiest place in South America to meet local girls in public or on the beach.

The Beach

Daytime action is as easy as it gets, because the beach touts are pimps that would make Heidi Fleiss jealous. Like all touts, they are as annoying as hell, constantly looking for an angle, working you for drinks, shortchanging you, buying girls drinks when you didn’t order them, etc. The area to park your happy ass is the beach in front of the Hotel Las Velas near the end of the island. Here’s the recommended approach. Use the tout for your $2 chair or two, and maybe the overhead umbrella. Bring bottled water and refuse all other offers. Tell him if you have problems getting girls you will call him over. Cut him off right after the chair, and be firm with a smile. It is real easy to meet girls. You are a curiosity to them, and most will come over if you wave to them. The tout’s talent however is substantial, he will literally chase a girl you point at and if available, bring her over, with the deal basically done. He gets a 10,000K cut out of her pay. Her cost for your beach date rendezvous is around $30. That’s it.

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The area where you’ll be hunting at night is called Bocagrande. This is comprised of your standard set of “ocean drive’’ roads, running

parallel to the ocean for a stretch of 2 miles, full of nightclubs, discos, bars and shopping areas. There is one other section of town you’re be bouncing back and forth to…’’the Old City”. This is great for daytime walks and lunches, as well as home to the most popular discos for the local girls. The trip is just a $2 cab ride away.

Cartagena is a great buyer’s market. When you venture into the den of the dragon (LDV), the women outnumber the men around 5 to 1. Inside are up to 50 working girls in the club and loitering outside, with maybe 5 to 10 gringos. As far as the girls, they are hot hot little spinners, very exotic looking, and they’re as uninhibited as Brazilians. You can stroll to the beach and pick one up, or stroll down the street and get a date in minutes. It takes zero talent to be a porn star here. The average monthly income in Columbia is just $500, so this is a very inexpensive and fun stop on your world tour. One that is usually revisited time and time again.

Happy Hour

In Boca Grande at night you want to start your evening at the corner of Carrera 1 and Calle 5, right on the beach. You can’t miss the area, there are

2 clubs called El Castillo Disco and La Escollera Disco next to each other. It’s a big party in the street, people watching and hooking up start early here. There is a mix of local girls and semi-pros…there’s really not much difference between them, as most will cross over. Just smile at ones you like, and if they return it, call them over. Later in the night at the end of Calle 1 there’s another club area, centered around Disco Banana Rana. Girls are loitering in the streets waiting to’be had.

The popular area in the Old City is located around the street La Calle del Aresenal. Girls want to be taken there from BocaGrande to hang in the discos, especially at the club Mister Babilla. There are of course the loiterers outside looking for you to pay their $5 cover to get in. Some working girls, some college girls, and definitely a lot of lookers here.

La Dolce Vida 2o Piso – Local 2-4 Telephone: 655-0977. Located in front of the Las Velas I lotel, this is a classy dance club with available dates that run around $80K pesos for short time, and 80K to 150K for all nighters. This range can be considerable, based on your looks, and bargaining skills. The short timers gotten late usually turn into overnighters, just give a propina (tip) in the morning if you’d like. What commonly happens is the night before as you’re leaving with the girl, you’re thinking to yourself how lucky you’ll be spending the next few hours with her. Then in the morning, (these girls sleep forever), you’re now thinking how do I get rid of her and meet some new ones. Takes some talent and practice to boot them like a pro. The LDV is very similar in layout and situation to the Hotel del Rey in Costa Rica (see chapter), except this is a disco…a little better since they are shaking it like pros when the latest top song cranks out. As far as the actual pickup, you have to make the move. That means you smile and wave her over..takes about 10 seconds. However, if you’re a loud mouth arrogant drunk, none of the girls will have anything to do with you. Only Spanish is spoken. Also, it’s somewhat dark inside, so take your girl outside and get a better look before taking your walk of shame, or hang outside and do your picking from there. You are in Columbia, the cocaine capital of the world, and if a girl is overly hyper and going to the bathroom every 5 minutes, expect her to be a problem, desperate and going psycho on you….avoid.

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