Cartagena Columbia Guide for Tourist

Casinos :

Atlantis Casino

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Bgde. Cra. 2 No. 5-145 Av. San Martin …Tel.: 655 0932 Casino del Caribe El Laguito C.C Pierino Gallo Tel.: 665 0573

Casino El Dorado

Bocagrande Bgde. Av.San Martin 5-35 , Tel.: 665 4693 / 665 0511 Casino La Perla

Parque Comercial Pierino Gallo Laguito …Tel: 6650573

Casino Royal Ltd.

Blgd. Cr. 1 2-87 Hotel Caribe, Tel.: 665 0414 Casinos y Sunministros Ltda.

Mamonal Via Mamonal Km. 8 interior de Atunes de Colombia Tel.: 668 6529

Deep Sea Fishing

The Caribbean Coast is notorious as a haven for snook and tarpon. Tarpon especially can be found in this area year round with a peak season from Dec-May. Other species found in the area include calba, Atlantic Sailfish, Billfish, Wahoo, Tripletail, Mackerel, and Kingfish. You will also find Dorado present near the mouths of surrounding rivers. Also note that Barracuda can be found along the Caribbean Sea close to the shore, careful swimming here.

Golf Courses :

Club Campestre de Cali is a large sports complex containing great courses..located in south of the city of Santiago of Cali, set against the Commercial Center Unicentro, diagonal to Holguines Trade Center. A location that’s easy access since any point of the city. The most prestigious Universities surround it. Tennis, polo, futbol, squash and spinning, all here as well as the golf course. ( )

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