Canadian statutory holidays in 2014

The original hospital founded by Jeanne Mance in 1644, soon after her arrival at Montreal with Maisonneuve, was in St. Paul‚„s St., but no trace now remains. The Pine St. buildings were completed in 1861. The hospital is administered by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Continuing on Pine St. W. with the Hotel-Dieu r., another large hospital, the Royal Victoria hospital, is seen r. at the top of University St. We are now in the extensive domain of McGill University, the senior English-speaking university in the Commonwealth outside of Great Britain, and well known and respected throughout the scholastic world, especially for its schools of medicine and engineering. The buildings and grounds occupy a fine position above the older parts of the city, along the N. side of Pine St. W., and to the W. of University St., between Pine St. and Sherbrooke St.

N. of Pine St., at the top of University St. are the Medical school, housed in the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Pathological and Mental Hygiene iristitutes, the Douglas hail of residence, the Rose Memorial building, the Allan Memorial institute, the Sir Arthur Currie gym-nasium, and the large Percival Molson stadium. Proceeding down University St., we pass r.: the medical building, the school of social studies, Divinity Hail, Beatty Hail, and various buildings for the use of graduate students. Opposite, 1. on University St., are Montreal High School and Royal Victoria College, a women student‚„s college, which owed its foundation to the generosity of Lord Strathcona and was opened by Princess Louise in 1899.

Turning r. on to Sherbrooke St. W., the Students‚„ Union is seen 1., and next to it, Strathcona Hail. Opposite is the main entrance to the university, the Roddick Memorial gates. Entering here the visitor passes through the campus grounds to Moyse Hail (Arts, administration); to his 1. are the McCord museum, the Redpath library, the Presbyterian college, the Redpath museum and the observatory’, while to the r. are the physics, chemistry and engineering laboratories; beyond lie the power house, the animal house, and the biological building. The Redpath museum, devoted to natural history, and the Ethnological museum at the corner of University St. and Pine St., are particularly worth seeing.

Canadian statutory holidays in 2014 for But in producing this focused image, theories necessarily leave much out of the picture. Lenses bend light to create focused images. But not all available light is used. The apertures of cameras and the irises perforated by the pupils in our eyes serve the purpose of restricting the amount of light that passes through the lens. Too much light leads to overexposure, with much detail lost in the glare. Too little light leads to underexposure, with much detail lost in the gloom. Hence our eyes temporarily fail us when we walk into a dark theater from a well-lit lobby and again when we walk out of a matinee performance into the brilliant afternoon sunshine. Canadian statutory holidays in 2014 2016.

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