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Skiing. Montreal has been called ‚“the cradle of Canadian skiing‚, and the sport was introduced here as early as the 1870‚„s. Mount Royal is a meeting-place for tens of thousands of skiers and although automobiles are not allowed in the park, a special highway along the northern slopes brings cars within easy reach of the main skiing places; tramways as well as horse-drawn sleighs also serve the mountain. Good touring can be had over marked routes; downhill running is abbreviated with plenty of ‚“bush-whacking‚ since the cutting of regular downhill trails has been pro-hibited. The city‚„s skiers have won international fame and the Cote des Neiges jump, on the N. slope of the mountain, is used extensively for pratice and for tournaments; mile-a-minute speeds are not uncommon. A feature of skiing on Mount Royal is the ski patrol run by the Montreal poli§e; this patrol is composed of poli§e officers who are themselves expert skiers as well as quAllfied first-aid men; it maintains order and takes care of those meeting with mishaps; they control the heavy traffic admirably. On a weekend after a heavy fail of snow, it is by no means unusual to see more than 15,000 enthusiasts on Mount Royal; in addition, there are thousands of pedestrians, equestrians, tobogganists, horse-drawn sleighs, not to mention the excited dogs. The poli§e, who are and need to be at least bilingual, are tactful and skilful caretakers of a gay and animated scene.

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