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Canada Subway Map on D. WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY kleptocracy THE TERM KLEPTOCRACY, sometimes also spelled cleptocracy, literally means rule by theft. It was originally coined to refer to the regime of Mobutu Sese Seko, the Zairian dictator, who, over three decades, carefully transformed the public resources of Zaire into private wealth, while using CORRUPTION, coercion, and violence to thwart all movements for change. Zaire’s debt at the end of his rule had increased to $5 billion, a sum almost equivalent to the dictator’s personal fortune. Kleptocracy often implies the impoverishment of the people, the destruction of the national infrastructure and the enrichment of leaders and their officials. The methods include diverting international funds to the dictators’ supporters, bribing foreign governments and officials, and seizing foreign and local assets to increase personal wealth. Because of its original association with Mobutu’s regime, the term was first applied to dictatorships, especially in developing and Third World countries, which originally prospered thanks to the political climate of the Cold War. Canada Subway Map 2016.

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