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Palladius, so favorable to Chrysostom, had nothing to say against Epiphanius. Nor did the case of Origen do any immediate harm to his reputation, which remained undisputed all through the Middle Ages, until the revival of humanistic thought and classical form. Then Melanchthon criticized the weakness of Epiphanius’s theological structure and his careless manner of expression; others exacerbated the contempt by bringing in his attitude, Canada Map Tourist Attractions which they considered presumptuous and sectarian; his intellect, judged incapable of understanding Origen; his pastoral activity, judged only in the light of an alleged overconfidence that led him to commit errors. Canada Map Tourist Attractions Epiphanius was certainly a great pastor of souls, anxious to find antidotes for the 80 serpents of heresy, a mystic of the Holy Spirit which proceeds from the Father and the Son, an ecclesiologist open to dialogue with souls disposed to faith the countless maidens of the Song of Songs, severe only against spirits obstinate in harboring the poison of error. Canada Map Tourist Attractions We forget that his controversial writings all appear to be dictated by a certain mentality apparently alien from kerygmatic dialogue, which posterity finds it difficult to share.

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